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2- Best Books For Improving Relationship: A Guide to Successful Relationship

The relationship is one of the most complicated things in life many people get success in life some become billionaire also but when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship most people fail. Which leads to divorce and suffering.

According to a study, it was revealed that what makes a person truly happy is not their money or fame but it is their relationship.

So lest take a piece of advice from some relationship guru and understand the beauty of these words.

Here are two best books on relationship

1) Men are from Mars and Women are from Venues.

2) 5 love language

Let's take each one book and understand the meaning of it


1) Men are from Mars

According to this book the author portrait that both men and women are from different plant and had come to earth and have forgotten about it

The reason why there is so much fighting between both genders is that they both came from a different planet and had different Psych.

( According to author

The author gives 5 tips to both men and women about improving their relationship

1) Results vs feeling

Men are results-oriented while females are feeling originated.

Men like to solve their problems on their own while women talk to each other to solve their problems.

Solution = Don't disturb the man while they are in a problem and don't give solutions to women while they are just listening to them.

2) Men go to their cave women's talk.

When facing depression men like to stay away from people while women like to talk about their feelings.

Solution same is that of the first one

3) Men's want to feel needed while women want to care

Men want to feel important while women want their loved ones to take care of and protect them.

Solution = Never make your man feels unimportant and always take care of your wife even small acts of caring can make a lot of difference

4) Men are like a rubber band and women are like cave

Men like to stay away from loved one's time to time because of their personal responsibility so never disturb them at that

Women can become sad time to time having no specific reason it's like in their nature .. so never try to make them happy in that

Solution = In both the case just be patient they will get normal by their own again

Book is one of the best books on relationship


2) 5 love language

The books show different love languages of different people.

Yes, different people feel in different ways so if you want to love your partner you need first realize his/her love understands.

Let's see what these languages are

1) Words of affirmations

It means Giving compliments. Some people just want little compliment from their loved once but in today's time we hardly give any compliment to anyone .. we are just interested in taking a compliment.

Solution = Always tell your partner how much you love and most importantly why you love them ?? Whats makes them special to you etc ?.

2) Quality time

These types of people are not impressed much by compliment what they need is someone who can spend Quality time with them.

Solution = Whenever you are with such people always give them your undivided attention. Do things which they love to do. These small things will make you more likely for them.

3) Giving Gifts

The gift is special because it makes us feel special in eyes of those who give us. Whenever we see that gift we remember that person. It doesn't whether the gift is expensive or a simple rose but what matters is your feelings which are shown in the form of that gift

Solution =. Always give your partner gift in special time like birthday, time of some achievement. This small thing will definitely increase your love for them.

4) Acts of service

In this language when you do something for your partner or help them in their day to day it makes them love you more. Eg Helping them while cooking or helping your husband financial by doing something

Solution = Always make the relationship a 50/50 partnership it sounds strange but this will only increase love for each when each one's share responsible and helps others to grow

5) Physical touch

Please this nothing related to sexual touch. It's about giving hugs or just walking while holding hands together.

Such people only feel love when you touch them.

Solution = Always hug your partner once in a day .. hold hands while walking such things will help them to realize your love.


More such books on the next blog. Till then do subscribe to my blog so you don't get the notification as soon as it comes.

Happy Reading

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