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48 Laws Of Power Summary- Best-selling Book

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

48 Law of Power: Robert Greene Bestselling Book

1) 48 laws of power

The world is changing, with the increasing popularity of the work from home to using Artificial robots in the office to rise of 5g internet to emerging of the new law and order and rise of competition in the internet world.

The world is changing. With the increasing popularity of the work from home. To using Artificial robots in the office. To rise of 5g internet. To emerging the new law and order and rise of competition in the internet world.

To rise to power at times. We all need to go back to the basics and understand various laws that govern this entire universe. And there is no better book for that than 48 laws of Power. A great book that will give you a deep insight into human minds. the ideology of Competition, Envyness, and business

Some of the power laws are as follows

1) Learn to stop after getting success.

The greatest danger occurs in the movement of victory.

Remember good luck is more harmful than bad luck. As it deludes us into thinking that we are over smart and forget the role of our friends and luck in the path of success. Never do such a mistake. After succeeding, stop and see how you achieved that.

2) Crush your enemy totally

It means never show mercy to someone who betrayed you. Or wanted to destroy you or has insulted you, even if they apologized for it. People never change if they have done before, chances are they will repeat. Remove them for once and for all.

3) Win through your actions and not arguments

Only fools argue. Remember action speaks louder than words. So always win through them.

4) Always say less than necessary

When trying to impress people with words the more you say the more common you appear. Remember, if your speech is silver, then your silence is golden. Being silent is a priceless gift you can have.

5) Avoid the unhappy and unlucky

Avoid people who are depressed and always complaining about life. Remember, you are a sum of 5 people you spend most of your time. Be sure not to include them in your that list.

"If you want to test a man's character, give him power.”... By Abraham Lincoln

At last guy's power is like a fire if used well it can be your greatest weapon and if used wrong it will burn you. Best book on power to read.

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