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5 Autobiographies of great Entrepreneurs of 2020

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Entrepreneurship is all about getting things done and pushing the human race ahead and challenging the status quo. Many people do it in many ways. Like Steve jobs done in technology and Jeff Bezos done in the retail industry. But there are few entrepreneurs who have done amazing things yet every few people know them. So here is a short effort to tell stories of those.

Their are many entrepreneurs who have done lot of innovations but are never heard in news, magazines or any seminar. So here is a short summaries of those entrepreneurs from their autobiography who have not been recognized at an early age and everyone doubts their ability

1) Tim Cook

it's very bad to see how society discriminates against some people based just on their gender and religion. For these people, life is not easy and they have to face many issues which we can’t even think of. One such group of people is homosexual. These people are never treated with much respect. And such was the case with Tim Cook too. Life was very difficult from him been gay. Everyone doubted him, questioned his ability, and even bullied him. But today he is the CEO of one of the most valuable and innovative companies with annual revenue of 300+ billion that is Apple check out how this happened. ⠀

Born on 1 November 1960 in Alabama he was quite interested in maths and science after his graduation from Robertsdale high school he joined IBM where he worked for 12 years. He joined Apple in 1997 when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. He along with Steve Jobs brought the company back to profitability by outsourcing all their technical work and focusing on marketing and a major hit was the introduction of iMac. ⠀

In 2005 he was promoted to COO of the company. He used to handle Apple when Steve was on medical leave. His work earned him the respect of all his teammates and board members including Steve and he became the next CEO. ⠀

But things weren't over there but actually began because competition from Samsung and Android was too intense. And Apple was under various law suites but what made him win was his work ethics. One such example was one time his boss emails him at 2 am due to some time difference when his boss was abroad and he replies to that email within 5 to 10min. After becoming CEO he hardly left his city because he always wanted to be available for his employees. Some of the major changes he made after becoming CEO was to increase charity and to make Apple an environmentally friendly company. Problem was a lot but to check out how this guy managed all of them and made Apple a trillion dollars company you have to read book ⠀


Although I would not compare the book with Steve Jobs books it was far better than this one. Book is quite boring in the middle. From early on he was working backstage and hardly came up on the stage.Only after Steve Jobs died he became popular.


2) Robert Iger

Any office going people? Well office life is not just that 9-5pm jobs and doing your work well.To be successful in office it's not enough to just do our work properly and sincerely but we need one more skill which is neither taught to us by our college or by family that is office politics. It includes handling your boss, superior and keeping an eye on junior and colleagues too. Everyone has to go to this phrase in life and if you are from middle or lower class having no network, things go much harder.

Such was the story of current CEO of Disney ie Robert Iger. He started his career as a studio supervisor for ABC television and went on to become President of that . After that the company was acquired by Disney where he then worked under Michael Eisner. Disney was filled with bureaucracy and things weren't going nice for the company even at some point the current CEO started envying him and planned to fire him. So how does he manage to become CEO? And what problem did he face after becoming??

After he became CEO in 2005 things weren't easy for him. Competition was more intense then ever and technology was changing faster than ever. But with his great work ethic and creative leadership skills he made Disney the largest and most respected media companies in the world. Major things happened under his leadership was acquisition of Pixar, Marvels and Fox cinema which brought Disney back to profitability but it was not easy to convince their CEO especially Steve Jobs who have many issues with Disney but with his great negotiation skills it all became possible.

Story is very exciting and teaches us that life is a lot more than our college syllabus. There are continuous ups and downs and last it show that success is just an illusion it is our continuous works that brings us the greatest satisfaction

3) JRD tata ( Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata)

Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without deep thoughts and hard work.

Born on 29 July 1904. From the start JRD was crazy about airplanes and tried to learn as many things as possible. But he couldn't complete his graduation because his father called him back. Then JRD himself spearheaded the Tata group for over fifty years. A remarkable achievement by any standard. The brand is one the most valuable and lovable brands of India whose cars and trucks are seen in every street of India. However today's generation has forgotten his contribution towards the success of Tata.

His current book Magic of leadership written by Cyrus Gonda shows how his leadership skills that have changed Tatas into a world famous brand

His four principles were

1) Vision

2) Values

3) Valour

4) Victory

Which he applied in his life and achieved great success

I wont say more because there is no word to describe this guy. After reading this I was shocked to see the new definitions of entrepreneurs which these guys have shown. These guys used not only their brain but also heart and made their brand a great one and this world a better place.If you are also passionate about business and want to start one or having any issues in currently in business then check out this it might help you Amazon Business program

Coming back it's sad to see that today's generation has forgotten the contribution of JRD. I also know every little about him and all thanks to the author who highlighted the life of JRD.

4) Satya nadella

Book = Hit Refresh ( "empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more")

Family has a profound impact on us; they guide our ethics , behavior whether it is right or wrong . If a person is good or bad he/she can take little credit for this because his/her behavior is built by its family,friends and surrounding and this what science also says.It's amazing to see how these people can change our life, our thoughts, our dreams and desire. Same was true for Satya Nadella; he never wanted to go to the US neither he had much passion for computers too early on. He wanted a bank job in India and just wanted to play and enjoy his favorite game cricket.But it was his father who motivated him to set high goals and achieved them he force him to go US and pursue M.S in computer science and it was his efforts which lead Satya Nadella to leave his old dreams and become CEO of a top 10 valuable company named Microsoft

Every small entrepreneur in India has the ability to become Dhirubhai ambani or Bill gates and that's what makes India special.

By Mukesh ambani

And this is rightly proved by an Hyderabad boy named Satya Nadella. His journey is quite complex and cool. He didn't want to go foreign he always wanted to work in a bank and wanted to play his favorite game, cricket. But it was his dad who forced him to think big. So after graduating from Hyderabad public school he go to US for his master

Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992.

Condition of Microsoft was getting worse after 2008 when Bill retired and CEO Steve Ballmer was not that effective. Employees thought the company was not going in the right direction. The combination of Windows and Nokia was a complete failure and was losing against Android and IOS with this failure CEO Steve Ballmer was fired in 2011 and new guy came into picture whose name is Satya Nadella

The only thing he had in the mind when he became the CEO was to rediscover the soul of Microsoft .

Many things he did after becoming CEO. First was to Totally write off the Nokia deal where he said it is very risky to buy a company with weak market share. Next he focused on engaging Bill more as he was the board member then because he thought the only person who can again motivate people is Bill.

Another key thing he did was listening to hundreds of his employees take their suggestions and implement them which were useful. He was obsessed to find the next wave of innovation and platform shifts as he regretted that we have lost many opportunities and that gave rise to the new cloud computing Microsoft Azure.

And last was the acquisition of many companies . Like a gaming company Mojang and LinkedIn.

The story of his is very engaging. In his personal life also due to his disabled child he had to face many problems in relationships.

But then his hard work paid off and made Microsoft again the one of the leaders of industry with $125 billion annual revenue.

Today also when we heard the name of Microsoft first word came in our mind is of Bill Gates only and yes he deserved this also.But Satya Nadella contribution also cannot be forgotten if his leadership skills and management would not be their then Microsoft could not be in top 10 valuable companies list.


Starting a company of your own and doing business have never been an easy thing. It's weird to see that many people quit their job and start a business just to feel more independent only realizing that they are even more stuck now. It's crazy for me also that entrepreneurs just avoid 9-5pm jobs just to work 12-16 hours to grow their business but that's what passion is called.

Quit similar is the story of an accountant and a teacher who quits his job to grow and build one of the most valuable Fortune 500 company ie NIKE

So here comes the king of sport shoes. Nike.

But everything was not that exciting about Nike like today.This book includes how Phil created this brand.

From the start of his life he was obsessed with running and sports and as every entrepreneurs he found a problem that there was no great sports shoe in U.S and second problem Oregon state were never good in business.So then he finds a solution to it which was to buy shoes from a Japanese companies and start a franchisees. And the first person who pitched his idea was his coach Bill Bowerman and they started a company named Blue Ribbon. Everything was nice. The company was a great success and profit was increasing day by day until Japanese filed an illegal lawsuit against them and threatened to take them over but hopeful they didn't win the case but this was the end of Blue Ribbon and the start of Nike.

But the struggle was not yet over they face lot of issues like paying loan and investor doubt but this guys deals with everything and with his optimist attitude and great communication skills created Nike which is now at 29.5 billions making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses

For any entrepreneur this book is must read you will learn more about business by reading this book then going to any seminar or business school

Bill Gates named Shoe Dog one of his five favorite books of 2016 and called it “an amazing tale,

These entrepreneurs truly show us that life is not about just getting name and fame but about making changes and innovations. Stories of these people really contain hell lot of knowledge and anyone can learn from their journey even those who don't want to do business. Life is a lot more than that.

Happy Reading

This was the summaries of some of the unheard entrepreneurs but this just a half side they did many great and wonderful things in life and made their company a great success those things are explain in great detail in their respective books

Reading books can be painstaking for many due to lack of time so best solution to this is listens to them and this can be a wonderful experience so if you want to feel this then sign up

And get any two above audio books free

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