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5-Best Books On Indian Freedom Fighter

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Some of the best books to read on the Indian freedom fighter. We know them but hardly know their stories hopefully, this book will help you with that.

1) "Towards Freedom" by Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India.

He was also one of the prominent leaders of India’s independence movement in the 1930s and ’40s.

The first edition of this book was published in 1936.

The book was written by Nehru while he was in prison between June 1934 and February 1935. The crime you might ask was that he was speaking the truth. It was a big sin back then and today also. _____________ Summary

The main part starts from the 4th Step 1920 when Mahatma Gandhi commenced Non- Cooperation Movement and told citizens to boycott all British Goods & Services.

Following this Nehru family who was one of the wealthiest people, boycotted all their property and luxury stuff, they even faced arrest & penalties for their actions.

Gandhi Ji & Nehru’s family truly believed in non-violence and wished to achieve independence only through that.

Another big movement name “Civil disobedience” came on March 12, 1930, when Gandhi Ji marched towards Dandi a lake, and broke the salt law. It was considered illegal to make salt as it was solely a government monopoly.

Apart from national struggle, Nehru Ji has shared so many of his opinions.

Why was he so influenced by socialism & the Soviet Union? His passion for science & technology and why he considered religion to be an obstacle to growth. All this is disseminated in detail that you will just fall in love with his writing.

_____________ Conclusion.

A lot of people nowadays like to mindlessly criticize Nehru. He indeed made mistakes, but one can deny the contribution he made to his country.

We would be fortunate if we could have a leader who is even a 10% of what Nehru & Bhagat Singh was in his day.

It’s astonishing to think that a man who died more than 60 years ago was more modern than most of our politicians today. It’s irrelevant but I truly wish that they came back, today India needs them more than ever.


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel also known as the Iron Man of India was born on 31 October 1875 in Gujarat.

He is also remembered as the father of Modern India due to his endeavors to make 500+ princely states into Indian Territory.

The book encompasses his childhood to his freedom fighter movement.

From the start he was a revolutionary against injustice, his first fight started in school where he stood up against the injustice of purchasing books from only a particular teacher.

From then he began protesting against injustice and many times had to pay a price for this.

He studied law and became a barrister.

Earlier he used to make fun of Gandhi Ji and would not take his talks seriously, but then in 1917 when Gandhi Ji gave one of his rousing speeches in Champaran district that made Patel a fan of Gandhi Ji.

He was duly known as the Senapati of Gandhi Ji and his love & respect for Gandhi were evident in the entire book.

When Gandhi Ji was in prison the entire freedom movement was halted and people became quite careless, at that time Sardar Patel stood up and energized the people to get up and fight for the nation. Without his contribution, India would have never attained freedom.


3) "Why I am an atheist" by Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh was a charismatic Indian revolutionary. He was illegally detained & was convicted of the murder charges & disrupting law and order by the British government and was hanged in March 1931, at the age of 23.

His name has become synonymous with revolution in India’s struggle for independence. _____________ Summary

The book is a collection of letters written by him to his relatives when he was in jail.

One of the most intriguing letters was “Why I am an atheist” to one of his friends who used to believe that he had become egoistic.

In that long letter, he explains why he chooses to be an atheist and what wrong he finds in today’s different religions.

He believed that criticism & independent thinking is an indispensable qualities of revolutionary both of which are forbidden in any religion.

He questioned by making a man an animal in the next generation for his sin or putting them in hell for his sin, will only make him worse and his hate towards society will increase.

He believed in reformative theory in which the purpose of punishment is to “reform the offender as a person, so that he may become a normal law-abiding member of the community once again.

The book gives complete knowledge about how Bhagat Singh thought about revolution and independence. _____________ Conclusion

This collection of writings of Bhagat Singh captures the essence of his thoughts and ideology.

Clarity of thoughts, a rational approach, a clear vision of the ultimate goal of freedom and the strategies to be adopted are just some of the aspects that make the book worth reading again and again.

It is probably one of the best & mind-blowing books I have ever read. The quotation which he gave and the argument which he put on all religious faith is quite rare & dangerous at times.


4) The story of my experiment with truth by Mahatma Gandhi


The book depicts the life of Mahatma Gandhi written by himself and also portrays some of the most astonishing and unknown facts

I will share this in “point form” covering unknown facts about his life story.


Key facts👇

1) Gandhi was born on 2 Oct 1869.

He confessed to being a coward in his childhood. He used to be afraid of darkness thinking that a ghost might haunt him.

2) In his childhood, he used to smoke cigarettes a lot with his friends and was fond of eating meat which was considered a sin in their religion.

3) He tried to commit suicide and even drink poison but to only a small extent. He told me later that he didn’t dare to do that.

4) His marriage was done at age of 13 and their first child was born when he was 16, unfortunately, he couldn’t survive.

5) He was thrown out of his caste because he decided to go to England and study there.

6) Gandhi was a very shy person earlier and once giving a speech he tremble a lot about it at the end he gave up his speech to another person who would speak for him.

7) He was tossed out of the train in South Africa because he was traveling in the first- class which was not permitted for Indians.

8) He protests back for this not only for him but for all Indians living in South Africa and facing this guilt every day and it was after 20 years they got their justice.

9) Gandhi Ji took the vow in 1906 ( BRAHMACHARYA); which means the realization of brahman,

10 )His first works in Congress were as a clerk and he proudly did that.



Hardly anyone would be unaware of this great spirit.

Today also Babasaheb Ambedkar has been rated the No 1 freedom fighter in many states including Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh.

He was born in Mhow district present-day Madhya Pradesh.

He belonged to the Mahar caste which was deemed lower & untouchable at that time.

However, the caste was filled with many brave people who were used by the British army during the war, and even after Independence, they were the highest in the Indian army.

Ambedkar's grandparents were also from the army and their brave spirits too came to Ambedkar Ji.

From the childhood struggle, he encountered to becoming the founding father of the Indian constitution the book cover in detail Ambedkar's life journey and many unseen phrases.

The book will inoculate you with enthusiasm & inspiration to do something for your nation.


All the books are about our great freedom fighters who struggled & and even die for their nation.

It's important to read their works and understand their way of thinking, but what is more important is to implement that.

For this, the above-mentioned books are a great place to start.

You can find all the above books on "KUKU FM" a platform where you can listen to the book the link is


If you wish to read I have provided the link to the books in their title, just click on it.


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