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5 Best Motivational Books To Read-Best Books For Happinesss

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Some of the best motivational books to read at this time, but reading will not help you until and unless you implement it.

Remember, it doesn't matter what you knew, what matters is that what you do with that. Ideas and tips are useless without execution.

So here are most of the best motivational books to read.

1) 7 Habits of highly effective people

🍁"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" is a collection of seven habits that have changed the lives of thousands of people around and can change your life too. It's one of the best inspiring books I have read up till now


🍁Habits are one of the most difficult things that can be changed. But if you wanna survive in an era, good habits are needed to be adapted.


🍁This book sums up the minimum number of habits that are to be inculcated to remain effective in whatsoever task you perform.

Many points in the book might seem common at first but the way in which the author interprets is quite different from other self-help reads.

The author mentions topics like win-win, being proactive, paradigm change, synergizing, prioritizing, and much more..


🍁Highly recommended to everyone. Language is simple. The concepts mentioned are explained in the most simple way.

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2) Outliner

What an Insightful read!!

In the book, the author anecdotes about the successes of a few outliers. He narrates about the success stories of Beatles, Bill Gates, few Sportsmen and many more...

This is the second-best motivational book that has improved the lives of many people.


He quotes the term ' self-made person' as a myth. He argues that success depends not just on talent but also on two other factors-




. ~Not everyone gets the opportunity to climb the ladder of success, the amount of luck required is often underrated.

~Even a smart one needs 10000 hours to master any skill

~After a limit (120), an increase in IQ is of no use to gain extra success.



~What people inherit from their forefathers reflects in their journeys for generations.

Basically, a lot of factors define the success of outliers - their culture, family, generation, upbringings, etc.


3) Attitude is everything

You are not what you think you are. But what you think YOU ARE! - Jeff Keller.

It's an inspiring book that will give you a new definition of attitude to follow in this world because the right attitude will only give you success in the long run.


Title: Attitude is Everything.

Author: Jeff Keller


The book is divided into 3 parts and there are 12 lessons that describe how your attitude can lead you to the altitudes of Success. This is a short book but teaches great lessons.


🌟 Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking yourself as a successful person- Dr.Joyce

♥️Your attitude is your window to the world:

🌟Better keep yourself clean & bright;

you are

the window through which you must see the world- George Bernard

♥️ You're a Human Magnate:

🌟 Whether you think you can -or think you can't- you're right! - Henry

♥️ Picture your way to Success:

🌟You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you can do it - Alex Morison

🌟If you can dream it you can achieve it- Walt Disney


🌟Repeat anything often enough & it will start to become you - Tom Hopkins

♥️Your words blaze a Trail:

🌟The words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind- Rudyard Kipling

🌟The words you consistently select will shape your destiny- Anthony Robbins


🌟 Nothing happens. It all will come your way once you understand that you have to make it your way, by your own exertions- Ben Stein

♥️ Associate with positive people

🌟A mirror reflects man's face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses- The Living Bible

♥️ Networking that gets results:

🌟You can get everything in life you want if you'll just help enough other people to get what they want- Zig Ziglar


If you want to change your circumstances, change your way of thinking. Your ability to tackle your problems and to overcome your negative thoughts plays a crucial role in the way of Success.

And the most important lesson that I've learned is DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. It will give you immense pleasure and you'll do your work much better than ever!

If you are kind of a person who always feels demotivated & unable to figure out what should you do! Then I Highly recommend you to read this book.♥️

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4) Life Without Limit

Mindset is everything.

It's the best inspiring book I have ever read because it is written by a person with no legs or arm but a brave and courageous heart

When I first heard this quote from Buddha I didn't believe it. But believe me, after reading this book you too will agree with it.

Earlier when something bad used to happen, in my life I used to get angry, mood off, and all kinds of emotional drama but now when something bad happens I visit my nearby slum and just stare at the kids who are without proper clothes.

Women who are without any jewelry or makeup. And Men who are without any branded clothes or watch.

For a while, I feel bad for them but this fills a sense of gratitude in me that life which I am living and complaining is still a dream life for many.

Back to reviewing this book, it's a story of a disabled child with a powerful mind.

4 December 1982 the day when Nick was born and when his father first saw him he gets shocked by its life. His mother was not ready to see him also. And there were no celebrations in the family.

As he grew up, many children used to tease him. What can one expect from a person without arms and legs?

But what was different was his mindset and that of his family, Who believed that God has made him this because of some reason.

The real change started in school were due to his disability nobody wanted to make friends with him. But with his mindset, he encouraged himself forward and started talking with them.

People soon fell in love with the way he used to speak and this made him realize that although God had not given him arm or leg but had surely given a pure heart and an inspiring voice which lead him into the career of public speaking.

And today he is motivating millions of people around the globe to live a happy life and see opportunities in every problem.

People are shocked to see that a person like him is so happy while they have millions of rupees but still they feel depressed from inside.

I would lastly recommend this book to one who thinks that life is not fair to them. Just grab this book or go to any slum. You will truly feel grateful for your life.


5) The Midas Touch

Non-fiction is one of the most knowledgeable genres. A lot of straight-up facts and knowledge are shared with the readers. A majority of successful leaders recommend reading such books to boost up one's skills. This book is one such enlightening one.


'The Midas Touch' is a 99-page book that can be used to acquire the art of Alchemy and to forge champions.

The author focuses on how a good leader should be. He says that a good leader should make sure that both physical and mental fitness is good.

For good leadership, the mind of the leader should be good and fresh. So the author stresses how that should be done.


This book is for aspiring leaders, those on the path to a good leader, and those who have already become successful leaders.

This is because of the author's opinion - Leadership qualities can always be improved anytime.

The author says that there are no shortcuts for happiness or the position of a good leader, though a lot of sources make such false promises.

There are many many sides that are covered in the book that show that the author has worked for a lot of time to understand the art of Alchemy.

I found a few concepts to be repeated in a different part of the book, but in a different sense. This book is recommended to all leaders and aspiring ones.

This all the best motivational books to read. Apart from it, you can check my other blog (link below) it also contains some of the best books to read.

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