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5 Bestselling Books to Get Out of Depression

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

5 Bestselling Books to Get Out of Depression: How to Live Life Stress-Free

Ever wonder why people go into depression. Some say because of bad events in life that reason is not at all true. Many people have faced many bad events in their life. Jawaharlal Nehru spent 10 years in jail. Steve Jobs was thrown out of his own company. Elon musk too had been betrayed and all his wealth was gone overnight.

So why these people didn't go into depression. Yes, they must have felt bad but they recovered quickly and bounce back.

And then some people who just get lower marks in exams or someone left them and they go to the window and jump from there.

So if we see all this clearly, depression doesn't happen because of bad events in life, it happens because of a bad mindset. Understanding this is the starting point of understanding depression.

And these things are better to read when you are not depressed. Because you can't teach a hungry person the importance of financial educations.

If you are having a good life so do read this amazing book now.

Books are:

1) The Dip

2) The subtle art of not giving a fuck

3) Power of Habit 4)Life Without Limit


1) The Dip

By Seth Godin


Life is the same as the ECG machine readings go sometimes ups and sometimes down. ⠀

Let's see if you have experienced this or not. When you started doing something new like a business, relationships, Instagram page, or a new job. In the beginning, everything seems so good. People around you were encouraging. Your likes were increasing every day but all of a sudden one day you notice that things are changing, your business no longer makes a profit. And likes have started decreasing. Your boss has suddenly become very angry at you and you don't know why all these things have happened. If you have experienced this kind of situation where everything seems to be going wrong then you experience what the author called a dip. ⠀

From the beginning of our career, we have been receiving advice from our parents, teachers, and relatives, and out of that one piece of advice stands common which all of us have heard one time in our life that is "Don't quit, Never give up and Success will come". Although it is true, if we follow this blindly we are bound to fail.

There are certain things in life which we need to quit whether it is quitting a failure career or business or leaving your untrustworthy relationship. So quitting is not bad. In reality, winners are the biggest quitters.

But there are a few things which we need to see before quitting. ⠀

1) First, are you quitting because you are tired or you see that there is no future to this career? Quitting should be based upon lack of opportunity, not laziness. ⠀

2) See there will be some people who will always hate you no matter what you do. So see that you are not quitting because of some individual's comments. But if the whole market isn't responding then quit. ⠀

3) And lastly, see how much progress you are making every day. Success doesn't happen overnight. But If it doesn't happen after a year struggle, then quit.⠀

The whole book is about the art of saying no. In life, many people are afraid to quit but

Remember your goal in life should be to become No 1 in whatever you do. If you can't become that Quit it and try something else.

Key takeaways

1) Scarcity, as we’ve seen, is

the secret to value. If there wasn’t a Dip, there’d be no scarcity.

2) The opportunity cost of investing your life in something that’s not going to get better is just too high.

3) The Dip creates scarcity; scarcity creates value.

4) It’s human nature to quit when it hurts. But it’s that reflex that creates


5)Selling is about the transference of emotion.

6) Persistent people are able to visualize the idea of light at the end of the

tunnel when others can’t see it. At the same time, the smartest people are

realistic about not imagining light when there isn’t any.

7) Is the pain of the Dip worth the benefit of

the light at the end of the tunnel?

Three questions to ask score quitting

1) Am I panicking?

2) Who I am trying to influence?



More on Amazon.


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2) The subtle art of not giving a fuck

By Mark Manson


So guys here I am with another New York Times bestseller book " The subtle are of not giving a fuck" by Mark Manson. A great read for those who are depressed.

What determines our success isn't what do you want to enjoy?

The relevant question is what pain do you want to sustain?

Because whatever you try business or job, whether you stay in a relationship or single, everything has pain. So the pain which you choose will decide how your life will be.

Whether you want to face the daily fight with your partner or the pain of being lonely whole life. Pain from your daily taunting from your boss or pain of waking up the whole night for your startup?

So guys seeing realistically there will always be a pain but if our understanding is right you will see pain also as pleasure. Didn't get this?

The key to this is having a passion for life. If you have loved doing something you will never feel depressed. People like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs used to work 10 hours a day on their startup but none of them have ever considered it as a burden but in reality, they love their pain.

So fall in love with pain then nobody can make you depressed.

Apart from it, the book contains a short story of authors life that how he was expelled from school because he had brought drugs then how their parents got divorced but apart from this the author says " The pain from my adolescence led me down a road of entitlement that lasted through much of my early adulthood". Such was the mindset of the author which he wanted to instill in the readers also.

The book consists of amazing 9 chapters, covering only 210 pages. And publishers are HarperOne.

More on Amazon


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3) Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg


As I have told earlier depression is the result of a bad mindset and not bad events. So if you wish to get out of it you need to change your mindset in short your habits. Because its simple habit shapes our thought and our thought shapes our action and our action and choices decided whether we will stay happy or depressed.

If you are overweight, slim, alcoholic, or have any other bad habits this book is best for you. Successful people decide their habit and their habit decides their future. Check how by reading this one !!!⠀


Hello, guys, this is all about how to create good habits by changing our previous bad habit. Because habits are not created they are changed. Like some people get satisfaction by watching Netflix while others get the same satisfaction by reading books.⠀

Main part⠀

🌹This book revolves around three things habit of individual, organization, and society. ⠀

🌹Habits of these are formed by three steps.

1) Cue = An instinct or urge ( like the feeling when we see chocolate).⠀

2) Routine = Doing action on that urge ( Eating it ).⠀

3) Reward = feeling satisfied (feeling after eating it) ⠀ By these three steps, any habit is formed.⠀

🌹It can be changed only if the routine is changed like eating chocolate to eating salad or fruit. ⠀

And this is shown in the book in detail.⠀


It's a good read. The book includes stories of Michael Phelps, Howard Schultz, Martin Luther King. ⠀

If you are struggling with any bad habits and want to change it then it is a must and basis book to read.

More on Amazon


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4)Life Without Limit

By Nick Vujicic


Mindset is everything

When I first heard this quote from Buddha I didn't believe it. But believe me, after reading this book you too will agree with it.

Earlier when something bad used to happen, in my life I used to get angry, mood off, and all kinds of emotional drama. But now when something bad happens I visit my nearby slum and just stare at the kids who are without proper clothes. Women who are without any jewellry or makeup. And Men who are without any branded clothes or watch.

For a while, I feel bad for them but this fills a sense of gratitude in me that life which I am living and complaining is still a dream life for many.

Back to reviewing this book, it's a story of a disabled child with a powerful mind.

4 December 1982 the day when Nick was born and when his father first saw him he gets shocked of its life. His mother was not ready to see him also. And there were no celebrations in the family.

As he grew up, many children used to tease him. What can one expect from a person without arms and legs?

But what was different was his mindset and that of his family, Who believed that God has made him this because of some reason.

The real change started in school were due to his disability nobody wanted to make friends with him. But with his mindset, he encouraged himself forward and started talking with them. People soon fell in love with the way he used to speak and this made him realize that although God had not given him arm or leg but had surely given a pure heart and an inspiring voice which lead him into the career of public speaking.

And today he is motivating millions of people around the globe to live a happy life and see opportunities in every problem. People are shocked to see that a person like him is so happy while they have millions of rupees but still they feel depressed from inside.

I would lastly recommend this book to one who thinks that life is not fair to them. Just grab this book or go to any slum. You will truly feel grateful for your life.

More on Amazon




Lastly, what is the root cause of depression? I am not an expert on this, but I believe that sometimes we get things very easy or with little effort so we don't value them and run for things which are out of our reach and in that process, we feel depressed.

So guys instead of running for things start valuing things which you already possessed if you do this believe me you will never feel depressed in your life.

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