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5 great books to read during quarantine

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

As we are all stuck in our home from the past several days having nothing to do except watching Netflix and Amazon Prime. But if we deeply understand the value of this time it is precious. Obviously, it is sad to see people dying and our doctors and police under pressure but you know the only way we can reduce their pressure is to sit home and develop great skills because which will help them and us also because after lockdown things won't get easy. Our economy is low and the unemployment rate will increase so it's best if we spend this as once in a lifetime opportunity properly.

And here are some books which will surely help you in this

1) Power of habit

2) You can Win

3) Start with why

4) JRD Tata

5) Extreme Ownership

1) Power of habit

I don't think there would be any great time than this to start new habits. If you are overweight, slim, alcoholic, or have any other bad habits even if depression or anxiety this book is best for you. Successful people decide their habit and their habit decides their future. Check how by reading this one !!!⠀


Hello, guys, this is all about how to create good habits by changing our previous bad habit. Because habits are not created they are changed. Like some people get satisfaction by watching Netflix while others get the same satisfaction by reading books.⠀

Main part⠀

🌹This book revolves around three things habit of individual, organization, and society. ⠀

🌹Habits of these are formed by three steps⠀

1) Cue = An instinct or urge ( like the feeling when we see chocolate)⠀

2) Routine = Doing action on that urge ( Eating it )⠀

3) Reward = feeling after eating it ( feeling satisfy )⠀ By these three steps, any habit is formed.⠀

🌹It can be changed only if the routine is changed like eating chocolate to eating salad or fruit. ⠀

And this is shown in the book in detail.⠀


It's a good read. The book includes stories of Michael Phelps, Howard Schultz, Martin Luther King. ⠀

If you are struggling with any bad habits and want to change it then it is a must and basis book to read.

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2) You can win

Many people in today's time have the ability, intelligence and knowledge to be best in whatever work they are doing but the only thing they don't have is a right attitude and self-esteem which are very critical for success

So guys this is the right time to develop a perfect attitude like one person can see this quarantine and blame China or the government for such things, and others can take this as a God blessing and start doing their side business or working on their passion.

So attitude is a must in whatever you do and this book will help you to build a perfect attitude.

Some important point you will learn in this book are as follows

A person can and will be successful with or without formal education if they have the 5


♦ character

♦ commitment

♦ conviction

♦ courtesy

♦ courage

Common sense is

the ability to see things as they are and do them as they ought to be do

a person's character is not only judged by the company of people he or she keeps but

also by the company of people he or she avoids

Successful people don't do great things, they only do small things in a great way.

Ability will get you success, character

will keep you successful

nothing happens unless it is made to happen

The best insurance for tomorrow is a job well done today

The process of giving without having expectations or getting anything in return raises

one's self-esteem

it is better

to be alone than to be in bad company.

George Washington

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Relationships based on talent and personality alone, without character, make life


Some great quote from the book

Benjamin Franklin said, "When you are good to others, you are best to yourself."

The price of greatness is responsibility.

--Winston Church

When we serve our

customers, our families, our employers, and employees, we automatically win

3) Start with why

Okay let's take a step back and ask a question about whatever you are doing now: job, college or dating can you tell yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Well if not then read this book which will surely help you discover you're why.

And your next question: Why is it important to find out why?

It is because of our brain. Do you know why you don't get up in Morning?

Why don't you stop smoking?

Why don't you stop procrastination?

It is because you don't have any reason to stop. I mean why would you? It is so fun to just sit and enjoy Netflix rather than go out and struggle. But without any struggle, you can't achieve success and without success you are nothing.

So this book will clear you're why because when you're why is clear you will know that if I don't become rich your entire family will suffer and the girl I am dating will no longer stay with me. This realization will never let you procrastinate in your life.

Another benefit of why is in business and sales. The author illustrated the value of the golden circle a concept which he introduces in the book. So here what it is

When people explain their business or pitch their clients they start with what they are doing then they show how they do this and rarely they tell why they are doing what they are doing

It sounds like this " We make great computers

they are beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly. Wanna buy one?"

This is the wrong way.

First, you need to tell your customer or investor why you are doing what you are doing then show how you will do that, and finally, what are you doing.

This will sound like this "Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our product beautifully designed, simple to us. And we happen to make a great computer. Wanna buy one?

Feel the difference this is what separates Apple from other companies it is their mission statement. I hope you guys have understood the importance of Why. So whatever you do a career, business or dating always starts with WHY.

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4) JRD tata ( Magic of Leadership)

It is impossible if you are an Indian and you haven't heard about Tata and for all outsiders, this is one of the most oldest and valuable companies of India. The company was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868. It is one of the biggest industrial groups in the country, founded 153 years back in 1868.

From then on it was handled by various successors but today I will focus on one person that is JRD TATA. Born on 29 July 1905 JRD tata was an Indian aviator, entrepreneur, chairman of Tata Group, and the shareholder of Tata Sons.

So not focusing on his personal life I will tell you about his business life which was written beautifully by Cyrus Gonda author of the book

In the book, the author tells that JRD tata believe in four things that is

  1. Vision

  2. Values

  3. Valor

  4. Victory

All these four points are explained in great detail with beautiful and unknown stories of JRD tata. As his vision for the organisation was on insistence accuracy, identifying potential talent, developing an eye of detail, etc.

His values were Punctuality, trusting people, good communication, and creating happiness in the organization.

His valor were Stand up for your people, Never hold grudges, Keep ethics at a higher level, Share the wealth.

His victories were Win love, Respect and Loyalty of his people, Enable Competition, and industry to grow.

These and 53 principles are explained in great detail and it's a wonderful book to read in the quarantine time you will learn a lot about a life of entrepreneurs and if you want to start a business then it is a must-read

  1. 5) Extreme Ownership

The world is good you are bad..⠀

INTRODUCTION= Hello guys this above book is all about leadership skills and taking responsibility for everything happens to you and not playing blame games⠀

Main part⠀

The book includes 12 principals in short qualities that alpha males or a fearless leader has in the army and during the war .⠀

1) No bad team only a bad leader = Powerful people knew that difference between a good team and bad team is of leader which both teams have⠀

2) Believe = If a leader doesn't believe in himself and his team then he is bound to fail⠀

3) Check the Ego = A leader should be humble because men's worst enemy is he himself only.⠀

4) Simple = One of the greatest qualities that all leaders have is making complicated things extremely simple so do you have it ??⠀

5) Discipline equals freedom = Time doesn't exist you have made it by being disciplined.⠀


This book is about two great SEAL members that are Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. The book shows how they have applied these principles in their life and war and have achieved great success. Also, they have shown how different businesses have applied this and achieved their desired results.⠀

My Views⠀

This is a great leadership book guys if you are in business then it is a must-read and if not then also it will help you in other areas of life like relationship and health. It’s about taking responsibility and changing things and not just blaming people, government, or luck for any bad events. Let me know guys if you have any of the above skills.⠀

So, guys, life is short don't waste your time doing silly things. If you are still confused about life then check out these books and start reading them I can't take guarantee that these books will solve your problems but they can surely show you the way to solve them.

Happy Reading

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