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Are Self Help Books Really Helpful??

Earlier I was a fan of a self-help book and I have read dozen of self-help books which have helped me a lot. However, with time my opinion changed and I asked myself are self-help books actually helpful?

However, to answer the above questions depends much upon your intention to buy a self-help book. Why do you buy such books? Under what conditions are self-help books helpful?

If you buy such books hoping to get rich or to solve your problems overnight then it’s just a waste of time even if you have purchased the best self-help book in the world it will be no different than purchasing a lottery ticket.

However, if you purchase such books to learn something new, to understand your problems, and to understand how things work then there are chances that self-help books can be effective to you.

Here is one of the self-help book which changed my life

The Four Agreements

“The four agreements” is a short self-help book that focuses on four agreements or beliefs which are as follows. 1) Be impeccable with your words 2) Don’t take anything personally 3) Don’t make assumptions. 4) Do your best.

If we make these four agreements with ourselves it can help us in overcoming any kind of adversity in life.

The book is a short book with only 100 pages but the content of the book is beyond one’s imagination. Each agreement is covered in detail with examples of real-life in it. The author illustrates how we are squeezed in our beliefs created by our civilization and families which destroys our creativity and originality. The author promise that exercising the above four principles will make you free from depression, jealousy, self-rejection, etc.. and will fill your life full of love and joy.

“The Four Agreements” is so simple and logical that even a child can understand them. But, you must have a very strong will, a very strong will to keep these agreements. Why? Because wherever we go we find that our path is full of obstacles. Everyone tries to sabotage our commitment to these new agreements, and everything around us is a setup for us to break them

The writing of the author, its quotations, its anecdotes has been all rare for me. I would suggest it to every one of you…


On the other hand their is one book which totally proved out to be a waste of time for me

The 4-Hour Work Week

The book and its title are just clickbait for you to purchase this book. Once you start reading the book it is just very boring and filled with a hypothetical situation. The author just screams of getting everything outsourced in the whole 400pages.

The author breaks whole things into Four words D, E, A, L. D is for definition, E is for elimination, A is for automation and L is for liberation. Although initially, all the terms sound intriguing however as you will read you will get bored by the author’s philosophy. The author speaks of setting up a business online and automating it Having been a student of online marketing, I can tell you the information here is outdated, vague, and not very thorough. He also advocates calling yourself an expert and teaching courses on topics you have no authority in.

While reading the book and till 100 pages it was quite interesting. After which he tends to explain things with a fiction. Everything goes on examples without explaining the context or topic. Maybe I am not a guy to like this type of examples which are not applicable in a country like “INDIA”.

To Conclude

I would like to caution everyone on falling into the trap of an easy life by buying such self-help books. Here the only aim of the people is to take advantage of your weakness and sell you big dreams.

By reading this kind of book we don’t know how many people’s dreams are fulfilled, but probably the author has earned millions by selling it. So guys remember that only one person can solve all your problems and that is “you” only.

Reading a self-help book is fine if you intend to learn a new skill or a new way of life. However, if you only purchase a self-help book to get rich, then I don’t believe that it will be worth it for you.

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