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Basic of Marketing

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

  1. Hello guys, today I will show you what marketing is and some fundamental principals of marketing as well. so read till the end Marketing is the art and science of finding "prospects" people who are actively interested in what you have WITHOUT MARKETING, NO BUSINESS CAN SURVIVE... So here is the little but interesting intro of marketing ... Next, I will show you 9 fundamentals of marketing which understood properly can lead your business or knowledge to the next level.                                FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING There are 6 billion people on this planet. 99.9999% of them would rather not                                          give you their money                                                                                 by Hugh Macleod


A probable purchaser is a person who is perfectly suited to what you're offering ... Assuming that everyone in the world cares about what you offer is a huge marketing mistake ... Instead, focus just on that person who  actually have need of your product


Is a process of evaluating your customer before they purchase from you. Many customers are those people who don't have any interest in your product or service but still ask questions related to that. In this process, your task is to identify that customer by asking some questions and remove them from your list.  IN SHORT, YOU SHOULD FOCUS ON THOSE WHO WILL ACTUALLY DO BUSINESS WITH YOU...


It is a measure of how easy it is to get in touch with people who might want your offering, Yoga is a good eg of it. it very easy to find places where people are already paying attention to yoga-related information.   Like that you have to search in your market that how much easy it is to attract your target customers


Rise their emotion urge of wanting your products. Tell some stories or show some emotional advertisements. Show how the world could be if they purchase your products 5) FRAMING

Act of emphasizing the detail that is critically important while de-emphasizing things that aren't. In short, be clear and simple and most important short in what you are telling about your product and services. 6) HOOK

= A TAGLINE COMPLICATED MESSAGE ARE IGNORED OR FORGOTTEN A further step for framing is hook A hook is a single phrase sentence or tagline that describes your product for eg Apple first iPod was introduced by a tagline "1000 songs in your pocket". This tagline helps them to earn millions. 7) CALL TO ACTION

DON'T MAKE ME THINK STEVE KRUG Be very clear in what you are asking .Best trick to used here is Give Give Give and then ask. Most people does mistake of asking in start only without providing any value to their customer. So don't do that mistake. Provide something and then ask in return. 8) Create controversy

It means publicly taking a position that not everyone will agree Used constructively this will help to  grow your business              For eg Author of personal MBA openly tell peoples that doing an MBA from university is a waste of time This thing was criticized on large scale but also due to this people have started reading that book. And at last sale doubled.

9) REPUTATION... Like it or not, the market's perception becomes your reality. Reputation is what people generally think about a particular offer or company  Building a strong reputation is important because people will pay a premium for a good branded product so start building a reputation and guard it with your life. AND MOST IMPORTANT NEVER LET IT GET BREAK BY ANYONE

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