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4 Good Books To Read For Teens

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

When we were small kids it used to feel like the whole world revolved around us. Our parents or relatives would give us a lot of attention and fill all our needs. But time flies quite fast sometimes. And we realize that not everything will get done just by saying. And not everyone will like and love us by seeing our innocent smiles.

And many times life doesn't feel fair. Like someone else got the promotion which you deserve or that girl you like most was liking someone else sometimes your best friend only. And this all things sometimes lead to depression, loneliness and bad habits like drugs, alcohols, and many more habits continue

But I believe life is very beautiful and simple. It is only our perspective that causes us to feel empty. If you have a house, cloth to wear and food to eat twice a day then you are luckier than 2.6 billion people.

It is just sometimes we get things very easily or with little effort at the start of our life so we take all these things for granted and start our run for things which we can't afford just to impress our friends who don't care if we die the next day. remember there's a difference between what you can afford and what you can pay for.

If you still feeling sad read out these best books for youngsters, and teens it might help you.

Books include

1) Rich dad and poor dad.

2) How to win friends and influence people.

3) I too had a dream.

4) Power of now.

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1) Rich dad Poor dad

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Becoming rich and becoming financially educated is very different. A study was done where 10 poor people were given 10 lakhs rupees to improve their life and they all were tracked for 6 months. After 6 months researchers found that all the people who had received money were back to their old life and some of them became even worse like falling into bad addiction or debt.

So what this study shows us??

That money is not the solution, becoming financially educated is the only solution if you want to get out of the problem of poverty and money related issues. Money is just a tool that will help you in that nothing else.

And another thing is if you will get more money without the right education, believe me, it's one the worse things which can ever happen to you

Unfortunately, our education system hardly teaches us that. They teach us how to be a good employee, not how to be a good employer or self-independent ( aatm nirbhar ).

So if you want to learn financial education which I think you don't have any other option to then let's make this simple with this amazing book.

To become rich you need to collect Assets and remove all the liabilities.

Now what's this 1) Assets = Something which will add money to your bank account

2) Liability= Something which removes money from your account

Now, why do this?

And how will it help us?

The poor work for money. The rich have money work for them

Let's see

If you want to buy a car or phone or house without having an asset you will soon realize that the value of a car decreases every year and a house instead of making money takes all your money with new furniture and most importantly with property tax and rent.

Houses do not always go up in value, remember it.

So, at last, it will cost you in three things

1) Loss of time = Which you would have used in growing your asset

2) Loss of additional capital = Which you would have used in investing in stocks

3) Loss of education = Fail to see these things as money taker or liability

So before buying anything first buy more assets like before buying a house buy some good dividends or stock which have the capacity to pay your housing expense.

Without doing this no one can save you

Now understand this if you start doing this also the main problem is yet to come. And that is the problem of tax. And don't take this at all lightly it can take your thousand and thousand of rupees. So don't resort to black marketing or some illegal ways to save money from tax but look for some loopholes in the whole tax system

It has been said that Amazon has paid zero tax in the U.S with the help of such loopholes. A company that earned a revenue of 316 billion paid no tax sounds crazy but it's true.

Remember the harder you work the more money the government will make

And one way to do this on an individual level is by creating cooperation. A corporation protects the rich and it's just a legal body without a soul.

Now, what benefit it will give is that the rate of cooperation is less than individual tax.

With that, you will pay for expenses before it pays tax. It's one of the biggest tax loopholes that the rich use.

So guys becoming financially successful can and should be one of your top goals in your 20s. Because without it the rest of life will be quite worse.

And for that, you need to master some skills like

1) Accounting = Basic knowledge of assets and liabilities and proper math of up to class 4.

2) Investing = An idea about stock-market and various mutual funds.

Check out this = Fundamentals of investing

3) Law = Understanding of various tax law, business law, and property law of your country and state.

4) Tax advantage = Skill to reduce as much tax as possible

5) Protection from lawsuit = As you will start earning there will be many who want a piece of share from it. So you need good lawyers and connections to protect yourself. So no one dares to threaten you or take advantage of you

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2) How to win friends and influence people

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Okay, let's talk about a fun fact. Today we are living in an internet age where it is possible to talk to anyone in this world in seconds. With the help of various social media apps and dating apps, we can easily connect with anyone and make friends very easily. I hope everyone agrees on this.

But in spite of this connected world the people of this age especially the youth and teenagers are said to be the most lonely people ever found in history.

Why has this happened?

Why do we no longer feel the joy of connecting with others? Why do we ignore our relatives when they call us and sometimes ignore our friends too.

Although no answer has been found up till now. But I believe that social media and other apps have taken the reason for us to talk to others

Just imagine for a while why you would go and ask your friend or teachers for advice if you have experts available on that on YouTube. Why would you go out in the hot summer to play cricket if the same kind of fun is available by playing Pubg?

But going out and taking it is very necessary for our success. Almost all employers put communication skills as their top requirement as compared to any college degree.

So for that, this amazing book will truly help youth in realizing the importance of communication skills.



Loneliness does not depend on how many friends or relationships you have. Loneliness depends entirely on the subjective quality of your relationships—on whether you feel emotional and/or socially disconnected from those around you. That is why.presenting you this book which will help you create a meaningful relationship with others

⠀ ⠀


💑The book is divided into four-part (fundamentals, liking, winning heart, and leadership skills)⠀

💑It includes short stories of the author and other people's that how they made mistake in handling people and then learning from those how they gain popularity and love ♥️⠀

Some of the best qualities which I have learned from the book.

💑 1) Give honest and sincere appreciation

Everybody knows why you are complimenting them. So be genuine in it don't show that you want something in return for your compliment but just want to learn those skills which they have or just appreciating them

💑 2) Become genuinely interested in another person

Remember you can befriend anyone in just 2 days by becoming interested in them or it will take 2 years if you just show how interesting you are. Look nobody cares about you. Everybody cares about themselves so leave your stories behind and listen to them first slowly they will too start to listen to you.

💑 3) Remember the names of the person⠀

According to many psychological studies, it is proven that a person's name is the sweetest sound for him/her. Always remember their name and call them.

💑 4) The only way to get out from the argument is to avoid it ⠀

As I have told. Everybody is the hero in their own world. Even your street beggar will think that so its waste to prove them wrong. Doing this will only increase your hater's list, not your lover.

So agree with them first and ask the question as to why they say what they are saying. This trick will help you a lot.

5) Try to see things from others perspective

We all are stuck with our own way of thinking if they agree with us they are good people and if not then they are bad. Please stop these things.

Remember everyone in this world has problems, worries and things which they can't control try to understand this first and then judge their action or behavior

Warren Buffet view this book as a life changer ⠀

Short and sweet book covering not deep but some fundamentals of extraordinary communication.

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3) I too had a dream

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Living life and staying just alive are both poles apart. Sounds crazy but it's a fact. As children, we all used to think that our goal is to get good marks then a good job than married and children and life would be awesome. Just to realize that after getting all this too something is missing. Like after getting good marks or promotion also everything becomes back to normal and we get the same into that rat race whose destination we also don't know

So what is missing then the answer to this which I found in this book is a purpose. It's the purpose that gives us meaning in life. Without it, we are living a meaningless life.

Story of Verghese Kurien, father of the White Revolution in India is a real story of how destiny and purpose can change one's life.

Been a smart student from start he got a scholarship from then British ruled Indian government to study abroad. Coming back to India was Independence now so he thought of working somewhere happily. But the government refused this and told him to go to Anand and work as a dairy engineer since they have paid their foreign fees.

There he found a struggling cooperative next to his office working under the leadership of Tribhuvandas Patel. Since he was educated he thought of just helping them in their struggle for milk production.

But who knows that this small help will then force him to work there for the next 50 years of his life.

Then its only purpose was to serve others and courage to stand up for weak farmers which lead him.

With life long struggle of going door to door in various government departments for getting permission to start a co-operative. Then traveling foreign to pursue European for operation flood projects to import excess of milk to them. To setting up NDDB ( National Dairy Development Board) to getting hundreds of small problems from selfish ministers to multinational companies to local goons.

He spent his entire life working as an employee of farmers and made India a self- independent country in milk production.

And this all happened because he had a purpose. Guys Its one purpose which gives us energy. It's the purpose which separates us from animals and its purpose which gives a reason to live and that's what living is.

His book will truly help the youth of India who just wants to run away from the country after completing their education. We all have some responsibility regarding our country. And believe no one else can give us the respect and happiness which our country people can.

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4) Power of now

By Eckhart Tolle

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Now see if you get everything in life money, fame and wife too. Still, it's useless if you don't know how to live life. Ever ask this question?

If not then ask it now. Because if you learn live life perfectly in the present movement your potential will be limitless. And for this book is best

In life, we are often stuck as to why bad things happen to me? What will happen in the future? Why did these things happen in the past? But we don't emphasize on What we can do NOW?. Look, guys, the past is the past and of course, no one can predict the future. In life remember all we have is the present and that's why it is named like that present which means a “gift”.

_"When you are present, you can sense the spirit, the consciousness in every creature and love it as yourself"_ - Eckhart Tolle

The book - 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle is a must-read to understand the value of the present moment i.e NOW. This is a spiritual enlightenment Self-help book. It talks about why it is so important to be in the present moment.

This book is about 190 pages and you can probably finish it in a day but understanding this book will take a lot of time. And no matter how many times you've read this book. When you read this book, your perspective will be changed & you're going to take out more things from the same lines that you've read before. So, this is what a spiritual book does to you, you can derive your own meaning out of it.

Of course, there are some signs in this book where you need to stop, take a pause, and reflect on what you've read. So, I would tell you this is one book where you should take a stop as in when the book requires it. Where there is a pause please a minute, Relax your body, inhale a deep breath, and think about what the book is saying. Probably go out, have tea/coffee, do something, and again read.

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So, the entire book is in a question-answer format. There are people who are asking Eckhart Tolle questions and he is answering them. If you want to go into those and dig into those deeper questions, you need to read this book because 90% of your questions are going to be answered here. There are a lot of things he explores there's something called psychological time and physical time there is something called the Pain body and Inner body.


In this book, Eckhart Tolle talks about a lot of things but the essence of the entire book which he kept is that when you're thinking about the FUTURE, you're thinking about something that will happen but that will happen later in the 'NOW'. When you're thinking about the PAST you're thinking about something that happened but at that point, it was the 'NOW'.

So, there is nothing more than the 'NOW' that you've. And there will be nothing more than 'NOW' , which is there. To be present here and immersed only with 'NOW' is what your enlightenment is about. It's about accepting each and every situation that comes in and just thinking that there is no FUTURE and there is no PAST, what we are blessed with is 'NOW'.

One of the most interesting thing in this book is:

INNER BODY: Eckhart Tolle talks about how one realizes that there is an inner body. A lot of times when you're waiting in lines, stuck in traffic at that time we honestly get very agitated by this.

So, he says later that you've to realize there is an inner body and come back to the present.

Direct your

attention to the body. Feel it from within. Is it alive? Are there life in your hands, arms, legs,

and feet - in your abdomen, your chest? Can you feel the subtle energy field that pervades the

entire body and gives vibrant life to every organ and every cell? Can you feel it

simultaneously in all parts of the body as a single field of energy? Keep focusing on the

feeling of your inner body for a few moments. Do not start to think about it. Feel it. The more

the attention you give it, the clearer and stronger this feeling will become. It will feel as if every

cell is becoming more alive, and if you have a strong visual sense, you may get an image of

your body becoming luminous. Although such an image can help you temporarily, pay more

attention to the feeling than to any image that may arise. An image, no matter how beautiful

or powerful, is already defined in form, so there is less scope for penetrating more deeply"_

This book also talks about :

PAIN BODY: It's about how you can alter any pain happening to you by actually going to the inner body and you can get rid of the pain because the pain is also something that is psychologically created.

A very big segment of this book also been dedicated to:

EGO: It talks about how we are identified with Ego and how we can honestly disidentify from that is where all the problems are!

Besides these things this book especially speaks about the SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT.

Awareness is the key and it will take you to places much bigger than any meditation practice does. Of course, _kriya_ (Doing) is important but if you're aware of, What you're doing and Where you are? And be situated in the present at any given time. And this doesn't really happen very fast. We actually are in the mindset most of the time but if we can accept every situation without any filter of mind, it will take us to the path of immense enlightenment. And it is very crucial to realize that _awareness_ is the key to enlightenment. To be aware of what's happening around you and not be in the mind thinking about the PAST and thinking about the FUTURE. Just accept this present moment which is 'NOW' because this is all you have and it is what is important for us. Being in complete awareness is exactly what is meditation 24/7. If you want to be meditated at any given point of time just come back to a 'NOW'. And when you come back into it, the actual crucks of any spiritual practice comes out.

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