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Go Giver Summary

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The book is about a businessmen name Joe who is constantly facing loss in his business. He goes and asks for advice from an expert. Seeking his advice Joe business started generating lots of profits.

What was the advice?

How to become successful in business?

The answer is in the book Go-Giver

If I ask you about your dreams and goals in life, you guys will very passionately say that my goal is to start a billion dollars company to buy a big car, etc. But if I ask you a second question have you ever thought of giving something in return for this so many people will surely go blank.

And that's sorry to say that in real life also these people will go blank 😔 because they think life is all about getting things but in reality, it is about giving things and when you give things with your full heart without any expectations it returns back to you in a double value.

This is the whole essence of the book where a businessman ( Joe) who was failing in business got a hard lesson to focus on giving by his chairman with 5 laws to help him and those were.

1) The law of value

Always give your customer more value then the price they paid for this will not only generate more revenue but also a loyal and satisfied customer who will then promote your business for free.

Value can not only be in the form of less money but by creating good relationships too like remember your customer name, greet them at their birthday such little things won't cost anything but will increase your value so much that you will become truly unshakable.

2) Law of compensation

Now, this law will show you how much you will earn. Earning depends exactly on how much customers you serve like if you are operating in your local areas so you can only serve that much of customer but if you go online then you can serve the global audience so always try to scale your business while improving your quality to

3) Law of Influence.

Believe it or not but only your customer can make you successful in business neither your MBA degree nor your intelligence. And another hard fact is that in life no one will help you for free except for your parents. So helping your customers first and asking them to share your product within their circle sounds simple but it is not and for that, you need to master social intelligence. This can be developed by reading various communication-related books and if you ask me I would recommend this The Like switch.

4) Law of authenticity.

In today's world, everyone tries to fake themselves and I can't find a better example of this then our social media. Means just look at how good looking, happy, and enjoying they look until and unless you see their face in reality without any filters. So point to say this is that don't fake yourself in personal life also and in business. Everyone has faults and goes wrong at some time so admit it and accept that your product has some disadvantages and you will work on that this will only earn you the customer trust. Nothing is more truthful then been authentic

5) Law of getting back

Nothing is earned without having patience, its key element of success. So after applying all this above law be patient and wait for things getting back at you. The businessmen (Joe) did the same and soon their client and customers were coming back to him. His employees began to love him more and work more passionately.

And all this results in more business and happiness which is the true success.

Many people in the business believe that their sole purpose is to earn profit and yes this should be your goal you are not there for charity but having only this goal will make you mediocre because you have no real purpose. Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon didn't just build upon getting profit their purpose was to change things and make life better for their customer and we all know how much profit they are earning today. So have a goal bigger than money so you can also achieve something which no money can buy ie happiness and satisfaction.

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