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Importance of goal in student life

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

So, what is goal setting ??? Goal setting involves the development of an action plan that motivates and guides a person towards their dreams. The importance of goal setting is simple it gives clarity and meaning in one's life, When a person has a goal he/she is the focus and does not get distracted by any distraction. In a student's life, we have a lot of distractions like buying a new car or phone from that attractive girl or that handsome boy seeing us everyday coincidentally or for time pass. Apart from this, all big companies want our eyeballs so that they can earn money by showing us an attractive package of a dirty product inside it or showing us such films ya series which excites us.

SO HOW CAN ONE FOCUS ON THEIR CAREER ??? So here goals play a powerful role in protecting against such shits  But as every coin has two sides goal can also be dangerous to us for eg My one friend want to become CA he had clear all level but was not able to clear the last one ie CA final. He had attempted 5 to 6 times but no avail but still his motivation is full and he tells everyone that I have a goal and will achieve it. Such types of goals are very dangerous not only to us but to our family and friends too. Basically, we all have goals and its true. Everyone wants to be topper in their career, Richer in their business and happy in their relationship. But the sad fact is  1) Every hour a student commits suicide.  2) 10 out of 9 startups fail in 5 years.  3) The divorce rate is increased from 2.6 to 5.5 per year Even doctors and engineers who were the topper of their college once commit suicide. In the US every day one doctor commits suicide   These people also had a goal in their life that they have achieved. But the goal they achieve was not a proper goal SO goal shouldn't be the one which just gives you direction but the one which also helps you at the time of failure and setbacks.  So I believe that important should be given not on goal setting but the right goal setting which should be dependent on one's personality and nature, like one common goal for a student, should be          "TO BE ONE'S BEST VERSION" or |" TO UNDERSTAND WHAT LIFE IS" Such goals don't have any negative effects or drawbacks but have only happiness and success. And I would like to explain the importance of such goals in one's life by an example of Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM. That when he was asked why he didn't marry he smile and replied that I was so focused on my work that I forgot to get married. So nothing against marriage but the power of focus such goal is un-imaginable and nobody can ever manipulate or can take advantage of such a person because   his goal is not to get something but to learn everything So we all should have such a goal because it not only help us but everyone around us our family, friends and last our country also

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