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Law of Human Nature Summary

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The part which we need to master to become great is to understand certain laws of life. Yes, same as in our school life has certain laws and rules which if followed properly we were rewarded and if we deny the consequences would be severe like punishment or cleaning the class. The same is with life if we follow rules properly we will be rewarded with money, fame, and satisfaction and if not then poverty, bad relationships, etc.

So here is a great book to understand the laws of life written by Robert Greene a person who takes you deep and shows you the root problems

1) Laws of irrationality.=

Feeling that we are in control of life but forgetting how our emotions dominate us. Rationality is the ability to

counteract these emotional effects, to think instead of reacting, to open

your mind to what is really happening

2) Law of Narcissistic=

We all are self observed and do things for our benefit even sometimes at the cost of others

So we need to change this tendency into love

3) Law of role-playing

We all wear masks. Mask of being interested in our boss's idea even though we hate it. Mask of showing interest in our friends' talk when we are just waiting for our turn to talk.

If you want to go ahead in life you need to remove these qualities if you have and become genuinely interested in the person. Remember everyone has something to teach us. And if you see these masks in your peers or any stranger you meet then protect yourself from manipulative ones.

3) Law of compulsive pattern

People don't do anything once if they have talked rudely with you it can be repeated. If they have betrayed someone in the past you may be the next.

Always look for these patterns in their past lives and if you find someone like this then cut off immediately from them.

4) Law of Shortsightedness =

The value of water is always realized when it is not there. The same value of people always increased when they are dead.

So the key is not to die but become absent from time to time it will create a mysterious image in your group and your value will eventually increase if done right.

5) Law of Compulsive Behavior

You know why people fall prey to quick rich schemes because they only focus on the present and not the future. Never do this mistake always see the future consequences of your present actions.

6) The Law of Defensiveness

If people are with you then you can easily become successful but people won't come like this you need to use some strategy so that they stay with you and don't go against.

The best way to do this is to become an object of desire.

And how you will become that is by targeting people's repressed desires and unmet fantasies. If someone hasn't got any love in childhood from their parents become their parental figure and give them. If someone has not got enough attention then give them. In this way, you can become the object of desire for them.

7) Law of Self-Sabotage

To succeed in life we don't require a college degree or a lot of connections with famous people the thing we require most is an unshakable positive attitude in our self those who got this can get success anywhere and the same is the opposite.

Listen if you want to change your life then change your attitude and this what the whole law is about. Example Some see this lockdown as boring and some see as an opportunity to change their life. Now their this attitude will determine what their future will be.

So always work on changing your attitude and not people and circumstances

8) Law of repression

Remember in life no one is either good or bad. If people treat you in a good way maybe they want something in return so never make any judgment in the early stage of any new relationship.

See if anyone wants to come into your life for any reason whether positive or negative they know that it is only possible if they treat you nicely and compliment you.

So in this case what you need to look for is “Shadow” which means of all the qualities people try to deny.

It can be seen in several forms like from nowhere a cruel comment on you or they did something they would only deny like talking badly with a waiter or beggars.

Never ever ignore such signs and if you see, try to distance yourself and question that person's honesty. It can stop in the beginning but not once it goes too far

9) Law of envy

Now read this carefully. Everyone thinks he/she is the hero. Even reality might be different but everyone thinks that even the beggar of your street will consider himself as a hero. So what to do in such situations?

Firstly don't give any unnecessary orders to anyone even a small brother or your child this will only turn them hostile. Instead, if you want to get work done give them choices like do this or that or recommendation like I believe doing work properly will make you better.

Such things will make you a likable person among the group and help avoid one of the most dangerous traps in which many successful people have lost their job or life and that trap is “envy”

We think that people like our advice and respect us but as told earlier everyone is a hero in their life if we try to outsmart our peers or try to appear perfect it only creates envy and not love.

So avoid it at any cost.

10) Law of Grandiosity

You know why people fail in life it is because they sometimes become successful without any struggle or realization of others' contributions.

Never allow this thing to trap you. Early success might happen because of luck or some help and your contribution might be very low so don't think that I am too smart or intelligent only fools say this.

Instead, develop gratitude and give credits to people who have helped you in your journey.

On the other hand, if you find any people with such attitude always cut them out of your life and remove them from your friend list to

Summary and key points to remember are

1) Rationality is not a power you are born with but one you acquire through training and practice.

2) Emotions tend to narrow the mind, making us focus on one or two ideas that satisfy our immediate desire for power or attention, ideas that usually backfire. ( Ask questions)

3) The first step toward becoming rational is to understand our fundamental irrationality

4) the degree of awareness represents the difference. This deep understanding of ourselves and our vulnerabilities is a key step toward becoming rational.

5) From the moment we are born, we humans feel a never-ending need for attention. The empathy you increasingly turn your attention outward, you get constant positive feedback. People want to be around you more.

6) The key to employing empathy within a relationship is to understand the value system of the other person, which inevitably is different from yours.

7) positive glance eyes dilute, most importantly in positive emotions like love, is the tone of voice which is warm, the genuine smile has an effect on eyes and smile

8) To see deception in someone, look at different parts of the body as a good smile with a dull eye. “When you are lying, if you skillfully put in something not quite ordinary, something eccentric, something, you know, that never has happened, or very rarely, it makes the lie sound much more probable.”

9) Art of impression management.

10) Repressing the thought of death and aging creates continual underlying anxiety.

11) instill in people a feeling of inner security. Mirror their values; show that you like and respect them. Make them feel you appreciate their wisdom and experience.

Generate an atmosphere of mutual warmth. Get them to laugh along with you, instilling a feeling of rapport. All of this works best if the feelings are not completely faked.

12) Depression and anxiety come from not being your complete self,

13) The root of the Latin word for envy, invidia, means “to look through, to probe with the eyes like a dagger.”

14) A way to judge yourself is to see how you handle moments of frustration and uncertainty, situations in which you have less control.

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