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One up on Wall Street Summary

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Why some people constantly fail in investing. What's the reason behind the successes of all-time great investors.

The book is about knowing all the basics of investing like when to buy or sell a stock, where to invest. and most importantly from where to take advice about investing.

Answers to all the questions are in this book One up on Wall Street.

Investing is one of the riskest fields where people have lost thousands of money. From early on in my family all my members are very negative towards investing and most people who follow me on Instagram also hardly like it.

So this book is an attempt by the author( Peter Lynch) and me too to generate interest for those people who are negative towards investing or think it's risking.

The book is quite simple but still, some difficult words are there. The author mostly talks about his failure in taking good stock of small companies by thinking that it's not worth buying but then he regretted a lot which leads us to think that how in our lives also we reject people by just seeing his/her status.

For any non-professional author suggest buying stocks of those companies only which are related to their work. Eg if you are in the medical field buy stocks of that and not any oil companies because here you don't have any knowledge. And this lack of knowledge is what creates fear, failure, and non-interest

At last, the greatest advantage of investing is the extraordinary reward you get. You can't get your dream house or any luxury car by working 9-5 pm so investing is a must if you want to become rich. 😉

There are two types of people in this world-first are those who work for money and others are those whose money works them.

Peter Lynch is just one of those rare individuals who doesn't run after money but money runs after him the secret is investing. I know many people out there don't like an investment and are too scared of it but guys we all want to become rich but only 10% have a proper plan to achieve it. So these books can be your plan maker.

Investing is a must if you want your money to work for you and this book is great for all youngsters who want to achieve financial freedom and security.

The book is quite simple except for some graphs of companies which are a little hard to understand. The book not only teaches you what to do but most importantly what not to do.

The author has wonderfully arranged all sections step by step for a greater understanding. The first section deals to prepare your mindset second one deals with techniques and fundamental of stocks and bonds last one deals with how to find extraordinary opportunity in share market

The last part is very interesting and deals with questions like How to design a portfolio?. When buying or sell a stock?

( Answer are quite different from the one you listen from your broker or so-called financial guru.

At last, investment is a must without it you can't grow. But if you don't want to invest in stock right now it's okay. One of the greatest investment is your brain 🧠. So reading these books will surely increase your knowledge.

Key points.

1) Ultimately it is not the stock market, not even the company that determines an investor fate it is the investor only.

2) Investing in stock is an art, not a science.

3) The market ought to be irrelevant.

4) Pick the right stock and the market will take care of itself.

5) Invest in the thing you know about.

6) When fundamentals are right patience is often rewarded.

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