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Should we eat meat or not?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Hello, guys today I am writing on one of the most treading and debating questions worldwide ie Should we eat meat or not??? So not going in religion things and will be sharing scientific benefits and harm of eating meat not only to us but to the whole planet

So let's start  Iron deficiency is one of the most widespread as well as one most problem as it affects 1.6 billion people more than 1/5 of humanity and meat is one of the best sources which can reduce iron deficiency.

In prehistoric societies that have no milking animals and no access to aquatic species, meat was the only source of proteins needed for the growth of the child,

Apart from this modern nutritional science discovered meat value as an outstanding source of key vitamin and several essential minerals.   But the two main leading causes of death in modern societies are cardiovascular and cancer. And meat consumption is one of the major contributions to this death.

There was a study conducted including 16 menages 40 to 50 years in seven countries and it says that there is a strong correlation between the average intake of meat and CHD mortality. BUR BUT BUT later it was found that the main cause was red wine and not meat. Another study conducted by Oxford founds that there was increased in colon cancer incidence compared to meat-eaters which lead to another question That should we stop eating more vegetables also?? But there are some major infections of meat a report by cancer of disease control and prevention founds that 3000 plus people are infected out of that 2000 are hospitalized and 60 death happens every year in the US. Because meat released Methane and Dinitrogen monoxide emission which affects not only humans but ie the single largest emission of global warning also. In the global term, Ammonia emission from livestock has tripled during the 20 century which has to lead to an increase e in Earth temperature. One of the reasons for increased Deforestation is creating an area for the extensive production of beef. In US 100000 cattle, 300000 pigs and 2.4 million broilers are killed every day SO WHERE DOES THIS thing TAKES US ??  Are the benefits of eating meat are greater than the undesirable cost it has on the environment??? Answer to such question is difficult, It ranges from the effect of protein deficiency on developing the brain to cruelty on animals Meat is an undoubtedly an environment expensive food more ever to say 1 kg of fresh vegetables is good for 1 kg meat is also not right It is a myth that meat-eating people die fast. Japan the longest living population eat meat, European three societies which have the highest life expectancy Sweden, Norway and Iceland have meat in their diet. Thinking about the environmental effect it can be reduced. for that, we have to follow a term called RATIONAL MEAT EATING  Which is to reduced meat-eating by only 40 kg per year for young and adults and 25-30 kg for old people ie above 60 age IF we further reduced this in the month it will be 3.3 kg and in week term maximum 800 to 1000 grams only Ie only 2 to 3 days only By this much eating meat only we can not only save our planet  but also make our selves healthy So for those who don't eat meat because of its environment harms or self-harm can use this method SO THE QUESTION SHOULD BE HOW MUCH MEAT WE SHOULD EAT ??

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