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The Dip Summary

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Book name = The Dip by Seth Godin

The book is about the gap which one has to face in the quest to become successful. The gap is known as The Dip. It's a time when everything will be going wrong in your struggle to become successful.

So what to do in that movement?

Quit it or work on it?

Answer is below

Life is the same as ECG machine sometimes ups and sometimes down ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Let's see if you have experienced this or not you started doing something new like a business, relationships, Instagram page, or a new job. In the beginning, everything seems so good. People around you were encouraging your likes were increasing every day but all of sudden one day you notice that things are changing, your business no longer makes a profit, likes have started decreasing your boss has suddenly become very angry at you and you don't know why all these things have happened. If you have experienced this kind of situation where everything seems to be going wrong then you experience what the author called a dip. ⠀

From early on we have received much advice from our parents, teachers, and relatives and out of that one piece of advice stands common which all of us have heard one time in our life that is don't quit, never give up and success will come. Although it is true, if we follow this blindly we are bound to fail.⠀

There are certain things in life which we need to quit whether it is quitting a failure career or business or leaving your untrustworthy relationship. So quitting is not bad. In reality, winners are the biggest quitters. ⠀

But there are a few things which we need to see before quitting. ⠀

1) First, are you quitting because you are tired or you see that there is no future to this career? Quitting should be based upon lack of opportunity, not laziness. ⠀

⠀ ⠀

2) See there will be some people who will always hate you no matter what you do. So see that you are not quitting because of some individuals comments. But if the whole market isn't responding then quit. ⠀

3) And lastly, see how much progress you are making every day. Success doesn't happen overnight. But If it doesn't happen after a year struggle too then quit.⠀

This was about quitting things which don't like or things which don't have the future. The question is what to do after quitting?

To which author says that do things in which you can become number 1. Now think if you had a heart attack where you will to a doctor who is No 1 in treating it or the one who has just started.

You will go to the best person and that what the majority of people will do.

This is the benefit of becoming number 1 where you can get lots of money just by word of mouth.

Remember your goal in life should be to become No 1 in whatever you do. If you can't become that Quit it and try something else.⠀

The whole book is about the art of saying no. In life, many people are afraid to quit but if you don't quit you won't go ahead in life.


For a student its a must-read book. You will much career-related advice.

For a person who his starting his business. Their will many things you need to quit in order to make your business a successful one so do read this amazing book The Dip.

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