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The Ride Of A Lifetime Summary

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The book includes the life story of Robert Iger's current CEO of Disney.

Apart from it includes all life and leadership lessons he learns in his way to become the CEO.

Answer to all leadership question is in this book "The Ride Of A Lifetime"

Don't let your ego get in the way of making the best possible decision.

Any office going people? Well, office life is not just that 9-5 pm jobs and doing your work well. To get a promotion it's not enough just to do our work properly but we need one more skill which is neither taught to us by our college or by the family that is office politics. It includes handling your boss, superior, and keeping an eye on junior and colleagues too. Everyone has to go to this phrase in life and if you are from the middle or lower class having no connections, things go much harder.

Such was the story of the current CEO of Disney ie Robert Iger. He started his career as a studio supervisor for ABC television and went on to become President of that. After that, the company was acquired by Disney where he then worked under Michael Eisner. Disney was filled with bureaucracy and things weren't going nice for the company even at some point the current CEO started envying him and planned to fire him. And some board members were also against him So how does he manage to become CEO?

Well After he became CEO in 2005 things weren't easy for him. The competition was more intense than ever and technology was changing faster than at any time in history. But then to story of how he acquired Pixar and Marvel and his relationship with Steve Jobs is explain in very detail and with his great work ethic and creative leadership skills he made Disney the largest and most respected media companies in the world.

The story is very exciting and teaches us that life is a lot more than our college syllabus. There are continuous ups and downs and last it shows that success is just an illusion it is our continuous works that bring us the greatest satisfaction.


The book includes lots of lessons on leadership and negotiation. It shows how much importance of friendship has in a business by an example of his and Steve Jobs's friendship.


While reading the book it feels like the author is giving lots of importance to himself and only showing the positive side of his and Disney. We all have some negative qualities and should accept it but such instance is very rare in the book.

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