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Tips on Corona virus

As we all know how Covid-19 has made a great impact on the world which we will never forget in our lifetime. Probably our grandchildren will hear wonderful stories about us in future from us.But for that we need to stay alive first. Many health experts are giving their wonderful suggestions on how to protect from viruses like washing hands and maintaining social distance but when i was reading this wonderful book i found one more reason and that is fasting.

Book - The complete guide to Fasting(link given)

Author - Jason Fung

Publisher-Victoria Belt.

One of the main advantages of fasting is that it increases our immunity which helps our body in dealing with many diseases and viruses like covid-19.

Apart from this it has many physical and psychological benefits and almost every religion does this in many ways. So for now as holy month of Ramadan is also coming soon i thought of sharing with you some amazing scientific importance of fasting which will surely help you in dealing with this virus also

1) Blood pressure is one of the most important things in the body which can also decide how much you will live and fasting helps in maintaining it .

2)Fasting reduces Alzheimer.

3) It increase our immunity which will surely help our body in dealing with many diseases and viruses like covid-19.

4) Fasting improves our cognitive muscle which increase brain power.

5) Fasting releases Endorphins ( happiness hormones ) which can reduce depression and anxiety.

6) As Ayurveda says all illness is link to stomach doing fasting for long period improve your digestion.

7) As we have to control our emotions during fasting this leads to more emotional intelligence in us.

8) Fasting helps in destroying bad addiction like alcohol and drugs.

9) Main reason of death happens in the world due to cardiovascular problems eventually fasting reduce that too.

10) Fasting reduces chances of cancer.

11) If you wish to look younger which we all doing fasting slow the process of aging so you can look younger in your old age too.

12) And last but not the least Fasting leads to more discipline and patience in oneself as we control our desire to eat or drink anything which in long run helps us to achieve our goals with persistent and never give up attitude.

So this was some of the physical and psychological benefits of fasting. The book is great for all health conscious people. Doing fasting in right manner naturally makes your body fit and healthy and with that Ramadan Mubarak in advance and happy reading.

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