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Top 5 Rare thought-provoking books

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Some rare books which can help you to improve your life, business, and friendships

1) Thinking fast and slow

Ever wonder how your brain works 🧠⠀

This book will probably put your curiosity still. And even some of the facts may shock you.⠀

Our brain has two systems. The first system operates automatically and quickly with little effort. And another system takes subjective experience, choices, and concentration. In short system 1 works on feeling and system 2 works on logic ⠀

Both have their plus point for example if there is a sudden fire in your house you will not think too much of what to do and at that time system 1 is best. But if you are getting in a relationship then the quick decision is not advisable then system 2 is must to used⠀

Some other key points in the books are as follow

Without self-control, you can't achieve anything whether it is a good relationship, right stock or success in business

And self-control requires attention and effort and things which reduce this are as follow

  1. Avoiding of old age

  2. Emotional response to things

  3. Trying to impress others

  4. Kindly response to the bad behavior of others

  5. Less logical decision

If you have any of the above qualities then congrats you have low self-control on yourself so please reverse the equation and try to build it.

Apart from it, the book includes various bias of our brain like

1)Availability bias = Not looking at statistics and just making decisions based on emotion. This is a habit of the brain which we should avoid

2)Base rate fallacy = When a person judges that an outcome will occur without considering prior knowledge of the probability that it will occur

3)Hindsight bias = False realization or understanding of the significance and nature of an event after it has occurred

4)The illusion of skill = When a person just get success based upon his/her luck and not by his/her skill

5)Unknown Unknown = Failed to imagine future by correct knowledge

6)WYSIATE = Focusing only on what best we known and just immediate threats and opportunities and not considering the future.

7)Endowment effect = That there is a large gap between at what a person willing to pay that and what the person willing to get that after reselling it for eg In an experiment it was found that a purchase was willing to give 500 for a mug to buy but after buying that he wanted 1000 to resell it.

8)Law of loss aversion = Losses looms larger then gain ( People will react more if $500 is lost then if they would have gained it )

9) Denominator neglect = Low probability event is much more heavily weighted when described in term of relative frequencies(how many) than in chances(how likely)

10)Disposition effect = To think only about gains while avoiding loss

though both would yield the same economic result

It relates to the tendency of investors to sell assets that have increased in value while keeping an asset that has dropped in value.

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11) Preference reversal

Its the situation in which preferences for bundles or anythings are shifted after the options are juxtaposed(placing two elements close together or side by side) in that case People choose lower value over higher value when both are placed together but if they are placed separately then they will choose a higher value.


This book will teach you how to use your brain and both systems to your advantage. The brain is one of the most powerful objects in the universe. Due to it, we have reached such a great height. This is a great book with mind-blowing facts. You should read it once in your lifetime.⠀

Want to listen to this book for free then check out this Audible audiobook

2) Sapiens

A thought-provoking book

Have you ever wondered who is the most mysterious animal in the world? It is not a unicorn or an alien, it is human. Yes we have been the most mysterious and dangerous creatures in the world and yes one more the most merciless too and I am not sorry because it is true and all the evidence you want for this is available in this book

Introduction ⠀

Book is about how we ( Homosapiens) dominated this entire planet and how religion, culture, and brands are formed and what's the logic behind it 🧠 .

Main part

The most surprising part 😲 of the book which I found is that there were four human species which have been living on the planet. Ie Homo rudolfensis, Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis, and last Homo sapiens ( we humans ) but today only we exist. The first part is all about a cognitive revolution which I liked a lot and it includes many eye-opener facts🤯 . The second fact which is also more shocking is that our ancestors didn't live in peace and harmony as we have told. We have the dubious distinction of being the deadliest species in the annals of biology 💀.

The Agricultural revolution we think is one of the best things ever happened but this is a lie it's one of the worst things to happen�. It is just the myth that we became intelligent with time but our ancestors which I mean people before agriculture evolution were much smarter. The revolution lead to laziness and miserable life just because it gives us the security we depend on it.

And other is the religion of how it started and spread across the world and how it works on our minds.

In starting there was only polytheism ( many gods) like the Hindu religion then came monotheistic ( one god) like Islam and Christian

What is a misunderstanding in both religion and how they have spread across the world is all explained in this book


This was a short summary of the book. The book is really very engaging and you won't feel bored for a second if you love biology, history, and cultural studies ♥️.

It will tell how we dominated this planet and taken many in nature for granted.

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3) The Alchemist

Maktub⭐️(Everything is already written)


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”~ Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)



A book that doesn’t need any introduction or a review, but it’s really close to my heart. So, here’s a little tribute to one of the most widely read books.🌸



It’s a vivid tale of a boy, Santiago who dares to follow the clues of his heart. He left his homeland to follow his recurring dream which he considers to be his ultimate goal. In that journey, he meets new people, experiences new things, and learns words of wisdom. In a way, his dedication, faith, and courage changes him as a person. This gem is an inspiring story, full of metaphors encouraging us to seek our best life and pursue our dreams with full energy. His adventures will connect you to your inner self and will leave a profound impact on your views towards life.


The message in the book is quite simple. It’s often said that when you’re clueless, always trust your intuition. It takes you where you need to be. Every time you pick this one you’ll find a deeper meaning. The tale shows however insignificant your steps may be towards your destiny, it counts. Treat every hurdle as a challenge that you need to win. And when you’ll be done reading it the lessons will be deeply imprinted in your heart.


Some of the beautiful quotes that I consider to be my takeaways are- .

- It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

- There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

- The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.

- The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.

- Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.

- People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.


Highly recommended for people who are trying to find themselves! It can be an elixir in your life. 💎

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4) Who moved my cheese?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


This story depicts that the change is inevitable and there’s only one way to cope up with the change - ADAPT. One who learns to adapt continually is ready to learn new things and isn’t afraid to make mistakes, is the one who is invigorated by the journey, and reaches the goal.


It should be an obligatory read for everyone. We live in a time where changes happen at a much faster pace and if we don’t foresee the changes then we are too adamant, afraid, comfortable in our current situation, or think we know everything, which can be the biggest mistake. Holding onto is an illusion that wastes time.


Sooner the steps you take towards the change, the better it is. Pay attention to the changes taking place and change gradually with it. It would be better than changing all at once. Moreover, sometimes we think we need to plan beforehand to handle the change, but you don’t always get enough time to analyze the things if you’ve not been aware of the change. Taking decisions step by step and implementing them on the go would be a better choice.


Also, don’t settle when you accomplish your goal, you may need to adapt soon, keep on learning. Keep life simple. Be flexible. Stay optimistic. Stay motivated.


Lessons from the story- 🌿

-If you don’t change, you can become extinct.

-When you stop being afraid, you feel good.

-Imagining yourself enjoying your goal leads you to achieve it.

-Noticing small changes early helps you to adapt to the bigger changes that are to come.

-Take changes seriously, not yourself.

-You’re ready to change as soon as you learn to laugh at yourself and your folly. Let it go and move on.

-Better late than never.

-Most importantly, enjoy the process!


If you aren’t much of a reader, this book is the best way to start. It’s a powerful book that would change your thought process.

I would highly recommend it to everyone!🌻 .

5) The power of your subconscious mind

Book: 'The Power Of your Subconscious Mind'

◾Author: Dr. Joseph Murphy

◾Genre: Non-fiction.

The author Joseph Murphy has captured all the attention of the listeners by his enchanting views in this book...The one who reads this book finds extremely positive vibes in them...

Have you ever thought about how miracles & wonders happen?

How do some people get what they want and some people always face disappointments? How some prayers answered quickly and some even never? How some people are rich and some are poor? Why do some people stay happy and others sad? Some have their own luxurious houses and some live in slum areas? and many questions like this..

So, in this book the writer has given answers to all the questions... And it'll be not wrong if I say the answer to all these questions is based upon one thing that is your 'Subconscious Mind'. Yah! Dr. Joseph Murphy has emphasized the power of the subconscious mind which is the mind of our mind... It is the treasure house within ourselves and it has divine powers, infinite wisdom, and can accomplish anything we want.. All we have to do is to invoke all the powers of our subconscious mind.. Our conscious mind stores all the data and passes it to the subconscious and it'll be made manifest in your life. But you've to keep this in your mind that your subconscious doesn't differentiate b/w true and false, right and wrong and good or bad. It takes every thought as a command and works on it to manifest it in your life..And you'll also think that if it has a power of manifestation, so why are most of the prayers not answered? The reason behind not answering prayers is that you don't believe in what you say. So make sure that you believe in what you are impregnating in your subconscious. The dominant idea or belief is always accepted by the subconscious mind.. Anchor your mind on this substantial power within you; then conditions and circumstances corresponding to their nature and quality will be manifested in your life..

Let me give an example. If you say to your subconscious mind prior to sleep, ' I want to wake up at 6'O O'clock' then surely you'll get up.

If you think you are healthy, prosperous & wealthy then you'll be! And also if you think you're sick, depressed & poor you'll be. None can make your life better if you're not thinking about the good life...

There is a line in this book which makes me think, ' It is normal to be healthy, prosperous & joyous but it's abnormal to be sick, depressed and poor' .. Your thoughts are the cause of everything! Whatever you think all day long, you'll be that.. It's all up to you & to your thoughts and beliefs! It will be done unto you if you believe..

So, if you want a successful, happy, and joyous life then make sure you're thinking about it. Whatever you want to manifest in your life, say it to you prior to sleep and feel the joy of accomplishment of your wish. When you wake up in the morning deposit positive thoughts of joy, happiness, prosperity & wealth! and always be thankful for what you have and also for what you are wishing to imagine that your prayers are answered and feel thankful for that because a thankful heart always stays close to the universe. There are two laws that play a vital role in our lives - Law of believing ( believe what you are impregnating and it will be done to you as I explained.)

Law of attraction: by your positive thoughts and you can attract whatever you want..

In this book, the author explained all the concepts of your thoughts, how they work.. how they relate with the universe... We see people get healed,it also occurs because of a subconscious mind.. Sometimes things get occur which we thought that it will never happen! We call it a miracle.. It's just the result of positive vibes produced in your subconscious and made manifest.

Conclusion of this book

This book is definitely a life-changing book !!! It's worth reading...

There are a lot of effective tips given in this book which, if you follow all those you will see wonders and miracles happening in your life...

Make sure you not only read this but implement it in your life..️♥️

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Overall Conclusion

Many times my family members ask me what reading gives you and I used to feel blank earlier but now I have realized a little bit that reading gives me satisfaction and a sense of worth and a feeling that I am going ahead in my life. And this what I have experienced by reading all the above book and this is what separates reading from watching web series or any other wrong videos because they can surely give you relaxation and pleasures but can never give you satisfaction because satisfaction comes from knowing, growing, working, failing and learning

These books are best if you want to try non-fiction books. Every book is unique in its own way. So guys check out the

Wonderful people who helped me in writing this blog are @insatiablebibliophile

and @be_all_rounder

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Happy reading

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